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These Classroom or Home Activities provide educational curricula that teach about water and its role in the environment.

Activity 1 - Weird Water
This activity has four experiments that demonstrate the unique properties of water in plants, including cohesion, capillary action, and evapotranspiration.
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Activity 2 - Red-winged Blackbird: At Home in the Cattails
How do birds that live in the wetlands build their nests? This activity shows you how wildlife use special methods with wetland plants to build their homes.
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Activity 3 - Nature’s Answer to the Sewage Treatment Plant
This experiment shows how plants and microorganisms work together to clean up water through the process of biological filtration.
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Activity 4 - Shoebox Watersheds
This activity involves making and testing a model to show how water moves through a watershed and what happens to it along the way.
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