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Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA)
     • Current Projects, Environmental Programs

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD)
     • Education

Municipal Water District of Orange County
     • For Students and Teachers

California Department of Water Resources, Environmental Services
     • Fun Links for Kids

Environmental Protection Agency
     • Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds Kids’ Page
     • Environmental Kids’ Club
     • Water, Kids’ Stuff
     • Non-Point Source Kids’ Page
     • Drinking Water and Groundwater Kids’ Stuff

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
     • National Wetlands Inventory, Kids’ and Educators
     • Educating for Conservation
     • Endangered Species Kids’ Corner

California Department of Fish and Game
     • Education and Outreach

Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project
     • Training and Education

Orange County Watershed and Coastal Resources Division
     • Public Education

Upper Newport Bay
     • Naturalists and Friends

Water Education Foundation
     • Project WET, Water Kids

San Diego County Water Authority
     • Education

The Groundwater Foundation
     • Kids’ Corner

Department of Natural Resources, Wisconson
     • EEK!, Our Earth, Water Wonders

WEWAC, Water Education Water Awareness Committee
     • Use Water Wisely

CERES, California Environmental Resources Evaluation System
     • Environmental Education, Natural Sciences

University of California, Berkeley
     • CalPhotos: Plants

California State University Dominguez Hills
     • From the Desert to the Sea: Major Habitats of Southern California

USGS - US Geological Survey
     • Science in your backyard: California

USGS - US Geological Survey
     • The USGS and Science Education

SCCOOS - Southern California Coastal Observation System
     • Classroom

Aquarium of the Pacific
     • School Programs