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Bonita Creek Virtual Tour

Now to get a real sense of what it would be like to take a walk along the creek!

About the Tour:

Viewpoints 1-4 show the northernmost extent of Bonita Creek channel. Here, the water from the creek enters San Diego Creek and eventually flows into Upper Newport Bay.

Viewpoints 5-8 take you through Bonita Creek channel central: the heart of the restoration site. Take a virtual walk along this portion of Bonita Creek to learn more about the plants, animals, and habitats that occur here.

Viewpoints 9-10 take you under the overpass and along the waters edge. The Bison and MacArthur overpasses create shaded stretches along Bonita Creek channel. Here, plants do not grow as thick, and the creek water flows openly. Even better, the creekside is accessible, and there’s no poison oak!

Viewpoints 11-12 are in the southernmost part of the site. At Viewpoint 11, where the trail ends, you can see the hillsides next to Bonita Creek covered with coastal sage scrub. At Viewpoint 12, the very southern end of the site, lies Bonita Canyon Dam/Reservoir.

How to hike:

MarkerClick each marker on the map in numerical order to reach points along the Bonita Creek virtual tour.

Click on the Hiker to follow the path and move forward.

What to look for along the way:

Be on the look out for special markers along the path. Who knows what you'll discover by clicking on them!

Look for the map to guide you along the path and give you hints on where to look.

The activity icon will appear whenever you can perform an activity that corresponds with an area of the path.


Click Marker #1 on the map or the arrow below to get started!

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