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Mitigate - To fix, repair, restore, replace.

Wetland - A lowland area, such as a marsh or swamp, that is saturated with moisture.

Riparian - Is made up of plants which grow near streams and lakes.
Bonita Creek Overview

The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) is working to build the Toll Road system in Orange County, including the San Joaquin Hills, Foothill, and Eastern Transportation Corridors. In addition to the toll roads, the TCA supports an environmental program that preserves and restores native habitat for plants, birds, and other animals.

The Bonita Creek Mitigation Site is one of 15 different locations in the County that TCA is saving or restoring to mitigate the effects of building the toll roads. The site was restored to replace habitat lost when the San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor, also known as the SR-73 Toll Road, was constructed.

Purpose of this Website

  • This Bonita Creek Website teaches about wetlands and riparian vegetation and their roles in improving water quality.
  • It provides an educational curriculum that teachers can access for classroom activities related to science and the environment.
  • This website also provides an opportunity for students, teachers, and the general public to take a virtual tour of an important ecological resource in Southern California.

Where is Bonita Creek?

Bonita Creek Mitigation Site is located in Newport Beach in Orange County, California.

The site stretches from University Drive South to Bonita Canyon Drive, along the west side of the SR-73 Toll Road.

Bonita Creek flows from the San Joaquin Hills, to Bonita Reservoir, to San Diego Creek, and eventually to Upper Newport Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

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