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Engineered Hardscape - A hard landscape consisting of structures, such as retaining walls, walkways, concrete channels, built with hard materials such as rock, concrete, bricks, etc.
Restoration of Bonita Creek

Bonita Creek Restoration The 21-acre Bonita Creek Mitigation Site was purchased in 1994 by the TCA as part of its Native Habitat program. The goal of the project was to restore the natural creek and riparian vegetation, and improve the wildlife movement corridor within the channel. Biologists, scientists, and engineers began to restore the site at the same time the SR-73 Toll Road was being built in 1995.

As part of the toll road construction, Bonita Creek was reestablished within its original streambed and floodplain. MacArthur Boulevard and other roadways associated with the toll road were built on bridges that spanned the restored Bonita Creek channel to provide better wildlife movement opportunities between Upper Newport Bay and the San Joaquin Hills. The bridges required some engineered hardscape (rock, slope paving) to protect them against flood flows.

The grading and re-contouring of the mitigation site was completed in early spring of 1996. A total of 21 acres of riparian woodland and 15 acres of coastal sage scrub were planted by the end of May 1996. The realigned and reconstructed channel was converted to a riparian woodland habitat with mulefat scrub and coastal sage scrub on the slopes.